typos in http://bazaar.canonical.com/IntroductionToBzr

Vincent LADEUIL v.ladeuil at alplog.fr
Mon Jan 23 10:04:21 GMT 2006

>>>>> "Martin" == Martin Pool <mbp at sourcefrog.net> writes:

    Martin> Thanks Vincent.

    Martin> Yes, we're changing to a document maintained in the
    Martin> source tree and published here but I can convert
    Martin> these across.  It is now here

    Martin>   http://bazaar-ng.org/tutorial.html


And I also locate it in  the sources which I will regularly pull
from from now on.

    Martin> If you'd like to send any other corrections they
    Martin> would be appreciated.


I'm currently migrating from cvs to bzr using tailor and will now
use bzr and the DVC emacs mode (that is plan A).

I'm ready to take the risk  to work with the dev branch but maybe
you will prefer  a tester on the rc versions  instead of a tester
on the  dev version. I'm open  to your suggestions  on that point
(as well as any suggestions on how I can provide the bzr devs the
better help).

I'm more a perl dev, so I'm not sure I can provide useful patches
for Python. But I can provide feedback on my dayly use of bzr.

I have  subscribed bazaar-ng at lists.canonical.com, but  it seems a
too much high traffic for me.  Any project of starting a more bzr
[beta] user list ? If not, I will stay subscribed and try to find
my way :-)

Last question: what is the  more appropriate place for an old CVS
user to ask questions ?


P.S.: Oops  I see  a new message  annoucing version 0.7,  time to
upgrade :-)

P.P.S.: Can't upgrade from bzr.dev, install 0.7 ok.

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