Plugin to keep bzr loaded in memory

Matthieu Moy Matthieu.Moy at
Wed Oct 5 08:50:58 BST 2005

John A Meinel <john at> writes:

> Which causes bzr to run a TCP server which forks a new bzr for any
> command, and returns the output.
> The idea is that you can have a very simple C client (which I've
> written), which connects to the server and makes a request, and then
> prints out the results.

I suppose this raises a security problem. If you accept connections
from other machines, you allow anyone to do anything with bzr on your
account, otherwise, you may still allow other users on the same
machine to do anything on your account (well, that problem is solvable
of course. Perhaps you've already done it the right way?).

Another option would be to listen on stdin. It wouldn't be as
powerfull for an interactive session, but could be interesting for
advanced scripting:

bzr service << EOF

would run only one bzr process (For Bazaar/tla, that kind of thing had
been discussed as "itla" and "arch co-process interface" if my
memory's good).


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