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John A Meinel john at
Fri Sep 30 17:29:42 BST 2005

Andrew S. Townley wrote:
> On Fri, 2005-09-30 at 17:06, John A Meinel wrote:
>>I would argue that the bzr versioning probably does fall into the 
>>"tightly coupled system" and thus doesn't need to really complicate things.
>>But it still could be a good read, I'll look it over.
> You could be right, but the way to evolve the formats was kinda what I
> was getting to.  What we have here is the requirement to be able to
> manage compatibility issues in our XML (which doesn't seem to be that
> far off of what could happen with an XML-based VCS).  With bzr, you
> potentially have a large number of uses which may or may not be all on
> the same repository format, so it might make handling this a little
> nicer in the long run.
> I agree that we have a very different, big-picture problem, but I think
> the issue of XML versioning affects every XML application.  What we did
> was profile the existing approaches out there to try and come up with
> what worked best for us.  You probably won't need the extension point
> approach, but some of the others might make sense.
> Also, I noticed in the examples that some of your elements use a variety
> of naming conventions as well, which might be worth standardizing,
> perhaps at the same time as with the rest of the stuff.
> It took us a long time (and several heated discussions) to come up with
> what's in that document, and so far, it seems to be meeting our
> expectations.  I was just trying to share some of our experience :)

I do thank you for sharing. And as I mentioned I think it is worth reading.

Also, don't forget to "Reply All" (or Reply-to-list), so that everyone 
can follow what is going on.


> Cheers,
> ast
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