star or parallele merge

Martin Pool martinpool at
Thu Sep 29 12:06:07 BST 2005

On 29/09/05, William Dode <wilk-ml at> wrote:

Welcome William.

> I've one project used by two clients. To now i use star merging, with 3
> branchs, one main, and one for each clients. When i make a feature for
> one i do it on his branch, when it's finish i merge it to the main
> branch and from the main to the other one.

I think either model could work OK with bzr; the star-merge model may
work better with our current weave code.   You might find it easier to
have only two branches, or you may find it easier depending on the
project to have a main branch holding code that has been generalized
from whereever it was originally written.

> Is there a sort of documentation about differents organisations of
> branchs on the wiki ?

There is not; perhaps jblack could write something up?


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