[PLUGIN] bzr uncommit updated

John A Meinel john at arbash-meinel.com
Mon Sep 26 00:58:30 BST 2005

Aaron Bentley wrote:
> Aaron Bentley wrote:
>>>John A Meinel wrote:
>>>>>Aaron Bentley wrote:
>>>>>>I've updated branch to take a --basis parameter.
>>>>>This is nice to see. Though when I do it, I usually use hardlinks.
>>>That's part two :-)
> Done now.  copy_multi_immutable will use hard links but fall back to
> copying across devices or on Windows.

Can you have it not do hard-links on Mac?
Mac has hard-links, but the implementation is very poor. So it would be 
better if it didn't. Basically, for every file that has a hard-link, 
there is a directory entry in a specific directory. Which means if you 
have 100,000 hardlinked files scattered around your filesystem, there is 
a directory with 100k filenames. When I was working with bazaar, I found 
that keeping a revision library actually hurt performance, because of 
all the hard-links. (you obviously needed ++pristine-trees, but checking 
against a ++pristine-tree was faster than a revlib)

Also, is this hard-linking to --basis or to the branch being pulled from 
    (or is it just wherever it can get the file)?


> Aaron
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