Refactoring of Branch.rename_one

John A Meinel john at
Sun Sep 25 15:58:16 BST 2005

Johan Rydberg wrote:
> Hi,
> What do you people think of moving out the some of the code from
> Branch.rename_one to the UI (i.e.,  My gut feeling tells
> me that Branch.rename_one should only be an operation on the inventory
> and not also on the working directory.  Also, this makes things a lot
> harder for tools like ``tailor'', which actually does the rename
> itself.  
> It might be sufficient to just add a flag to rename_one that specifies
> that the rename has already been done.
> ~j

Well, I certainly think it should be possible to do:

mv a b
bzr status
#oops I forgot to tell bzr
bzr mv a b

Right now, the above causes an exception because it can't find the file 
to move.

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