[PLUGIN] bzr uncommit updated

John A Meinel john at arbash-meinel.com
Fri Sep 23 19:41:22 BST 2005

I just updated the uncommit plugin, available at:

It is now updated for the find_branch changes, as well as now allowing a
"--revision" parameter. So you can rollback even farther at one time.
Some of the warnings are cleaned up (so when you give --dry-run, it
doesn't make you think it is actually going to remove stuff).

My big use case for this is if you are downloading someone's bzr branch,
but don't want to download the entire history (and you aren't sure when
they branched from mainline). You can do:

cp -ar bzr.dev bzr-other-branch
cd bzr-other-branch
bzr uncommit -r 500
bzr revert
bzr pull <other branch location>

This should keep the revision and inventory information in the tree, so
that you don't have to download it again, but it should make
revision-history not conflict.

Now, the other use for uncommit is when you really want to back out a
change. And if you committed the nuclear launch codes you can do:

bzr uncommit --verbose --dry-run --remove
And you can check what files it will remove, and then do:
bzr uncommit --remove
to actually remove the files.

Naturally, if someone has copied your branch inbetween the time of
commit, and your uncommit, the codes are still out there.
But "bzr uncommit --remove" will destroy revisions so they don't show up

The one other thing is that "bzr uncommit" doesn't change the working
tree (in case you are fixing an accidental commit), so you may or may
not want a "bzr revert".

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