FEATURE REQ: Make alias for --diff-options

Jari Aalto jari.aalto at cante.net
Sun Sep 18 11:11:08 BST 2005

jblack at merconline.com (James Blackwell) writes:

| Jari,
| You've hit the list with a *lot* of requests. I fear that the volume of
| them makes it likely that many of them will get dropped (only to be
| mentioned again in the future).

I just started using the bzr, so I'm a perfect guinea pig :-)

| I've set up a new page at the wiki called BzrRequests. On that page you
| will find instructions on how to make feature requests. This will give you
| the ability to do things like "Hey, how is the BzrRequestSimplifyDiff
| request I made back in September coming along?"
| I used your simplify diff as a straw man example. Would you be willing to
| add your other feature requests to the page? That way we have them in a
| place where we can keep an eye on them. Also, that way other users can
| check to see if a request has already been made, make comments to the
| request, and so forth and so on.


That helps a lot. I'll start filling in the pages.


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