[RFC] New web server for bazaar

James Blackwell jblack at merconline.com
Sun Sep 18 06:17:56 BST 2005

On Tue, Sep 13, 2005 at 08:51:29PM +0200, Ivan Krstic wrote:
> Goffredo Baroncelli wrote:
> > I have ported the mercurial[*] web interfaces to bazaar-ng; an example can be 
> > viewed on 'http://goffredo-baroncelli.homelinux.net/bzr';
> Has there been any work on integrating bazaar-ng with Trac
> (http://projects.edgewall.com/trac)? Trac is pretty hot these days; it's
> a great repository monitoring, bugtracking and wiki solution with a huge
> number of deployments.

This would be a great thing to put on the BzrRequests page.

Would you mind doing that for me so that we can avoid having this drop on
the floor? 


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