Fancy branches versus Transports

John A Meinel john at
Sun Sep 18 02:50:05 BST 2005

Lalo Martins wrote:
> And so says John A Meinel on 17/09/05 13:12...
>>Well, my branch is back up and running at:
> Yay you!  I'll make it my main plan for tomorrow to look at it.

Just to keep you updated, the branch now passes the entire test suite. I
had to make some changes to you HTTPTestUtil because on my Mac machine I
get lots of EAGAIN exceptions.

Anyway, please look into it. In working with the code again I found
quite a few other bugs that obviously aren't covered by the test suite
(hence my integration branch). Hopefully my changes won't introduce as
many problems.
But it wouldn't be a terrible idea just to do a plain code review and
look over everything to make sure it makes sense.

Also, the correct location for the branch has changed, the new location is:

Though I kept a symlink for people who haven't updated their location.

I'm also trying to keep it up-to-date with and Robert's
bzr-integration, though I'm not specifically trying to keep it up with
my integration branch, since I want to keep things as clean as I can for


> If there is any specific time you think you will be on irc and you want
> to talk about it, send me an email telling what time, and I'll make sure
> to be there.

I'm not sure if I'll be available on Sunday. I'll let you know.

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