Jari Aalto jari.aalto at cante.net
Fri Sep 16 23:10:25 BST 2005

Nikolai Weibull <mailing-lists.bazaar-ng at rawuncut.elitemail.org> writes:

| Jari Aalto wrote:
| > Nikolai Weibull <mailing-lists.bazaar-ng at rawuncut.elitemail.org> writes:
| > > How is having only $EDITOR not enough?,
| > Let's just conclude, that one simple EDITOR is not good for every task
| > at hand.
| Isn't $EDITOR usually used for quick edits?  Anyway, why not go one step
| further and check for something more generic, like $QEDITOR or some
| such and try to get other people to use it as well.  Perhaps I'm just
| being difficult...,

It's different if you use it occasionally (the EDITOR), but if you
use it frequently, it matters a lot (BZEDITOR).

My EDITOR is usually set to Emacs, which local lot of configuration things
to provide "nice editing". say 5-10 secs depending on machine to boot up.

It is better to have BZREDITOR and make it read 'jmacs' which boots in
0.3 seconds to make those small commit messages. I do not need full
Emacs setup power for those.

But I do need Emacs power to edit my long and lengthy bug reports,
that attach files and examine environment variables when I report
Linux distribution bugs (that use EDITOR to write the bug report).


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