[BUG] bzr selftest fails if BZREMAIL is set

John A Meinel john at arbash-meinel.com
Thu Sep 15 16:11:59 BST 2005

It seems that the test for checking "bzr whoami" does not unset the
BZREMAIL environment variable. So on my system, it ends up using my
email rather than the one it is trying to use, and the selftest fails.
(This is with both the integration branch, and the bzr.dev mainline).

To reproduce just do:

BZREMAIL="something <other at normal.net>" ./bzr selftest

The attached patch unsets BZREMAIL to test the $wd/.bzr/email file, and
then sets it to show that BZREMAIL overrides the $wd/.bzr/email value.

I'm assuming that is the intentional behavior, it was just not tested.


PS> This is a single revision, so the changeset should be able to
reproduce the appropriate information. I did not publish the branch
because it is trivial. (You certainly can use patch and not merge)

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