[Gnu-arch-users] Re: The future of GNU Arch users

John A Meinel john at arbash-meinel.com
Tue Sep 13 05:48:52 BST 2005

James Blackwell wrote:

> Heh. I had almost forgotten the original point of this talk. Your problem
> is that bzr doesn't support pushing yet. You're absolutely right;
> bazaar-ng is missing core features that are required for most, if not all
> reasons.
> This, along with a number of other, equally important, things remain to be
> done. The developers are well aware of the irony of a distributed revision
> control system that doesn't distribute. =) The Rsync setup is a temporary
> work-around while even more improtant things are being worked on.
> Be patient. These things will come in time (I ask for push support in
> bazaar-ng frequently so you have no need to worry that they'll forget that
> its needed!)

Speaking of which, that was the impetus for my Transport backend
rewrite. (You have to have writeable remote branches before you can push
to them).

The work has been close to merged about 3 times now. I took a couple
weeks off, but I'll try and get back to it soon.

>>I guess what I am trying to say is: Having a dumb file server as a
>>storage for SCM is a great feature, and it should be extended to the
>>point of being fully usable.
> I deeply agree. :)

The biggest concern with a remote fileserver is atomicity and locking.
It can be tough to get that right if the protocol doesn't natively
support it. (SFTP v6 does, I'm not sure about v3). I don't think ftp
gives you much of anything, http is pretty much download only without
Right now, the storage mechanism is to put each revision of every file
into a separate gzipped file. Which means you have a fairly safe
structure, which can be handled fairly easily from remote.
In the future, some of the possible storage formats (weave/revfile)
could change that. They would either be append-only, which means that
the remote protocol needs to support appending to an existing file, or
possibly completely changing (which can mean just uploading a new file,
and then renaming it in place).
Anyway, with the both weaves and revfiles, you have to worry more about
not having 2 processes mess up a remote system by writing at the same time.


>>Why is it great:
>>- Many ISPs offer "free web storage", why not use it.
>>- I would not depend on sourcecontrol.net to host my projects
>>- I could post (and share) proprietary SW with tele-coworkers
> Makre sure you get the ISP to support digest so that your secrets are
> safe.

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