bzr branch is slow and memory-hungry (just a data point)

Michael Alan Dorman mdorman at
Wed Sep 7 23:01:09 BST 2005

Aaron Bentley < at> writes:
> That depends on what tree was.

The tree's about 6MB according to du, with about a thousand files,
primarily perl and html, with some almost entirely static graphics
files thrown in.

As another data point, i am a little surprised to see that, for this
6MB of data, the .bzr directory is 195MB according to du.  I guess
this is a function of the quantity of changes (some 3200 changesets)
and perhaps will be cut significantly once the move to a weave format
is made?

> If it was the linux kernel, it is supposed to be ~ 206 MB, the
> aggregate size of the file contents.  This is because merge
> changesets are represented in-memory.  That was originally due to
> your suggestion.  I believe you said it was important for embedded
> developers to have changesets represented in memory.

Well, we're a lot smaller than the kernel, but we're taking more than
2x the amount of memory you project for that, so it seems like there
might still be an issue?

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