Some question about bzr

Goffredo Baroncelli kreijack at
Tue Sep 6 20:17:17 BST 2005

Hi all,

after reading the bzr documentation, I have two question:

1) the 'bzr diff' commands adds to the standard diff format some information as the
renaming/creating/deleting of a file. However I don't know how import a patch 
including those information.
How we can exchage patches via email ?

2) when I merge a branch, how I can show the history of the branch ? 
Searching under the .bzr/revision-store directory, I found the merged revision; moreover
 the revision created after the merge, seems to refer to the merged revisions. However
bzr log doesn't show these information.

A more deep analysis highlights that the bzr repository structure is the same of the git 
one. The big difference is that bzr tracks all the revision in a file ( called 
.bzr/revision-history ) *excluding* the merged revision. The history is generated on the
basis of this file.
Instead git ( but also mercurial ) records the latest revision, 
and every revision records the parent(s) revision. The history is generated walking 
the tree of revision starting from the latest.
Could anyone explains me why this difference ?

Moreover are the every revisions checksummed by sha1 ( it seems true for the native revision, 
but false for the imported one )? If yes, with only the reversion checksum it should be 
possible to sign ( or to represent ) the full sorce + the full history of a project.


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