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John A Meinel john at arbash-meinel.com
Thu Sep 1 08:07:14 BST 2005

> < madduck> will people rip my head off if i ask an OT question on the bzr
>            mailing list?
> < lifeless> not at all

In general, I don't think we mind some OT discussion.
However, you list some papers, but no links or excerpts for us to read.
And I'm guessing that most of us don't have access to the papers in
discussion. (I'm on vacation, when I get back, I'll be in school, so I
might, but I don't know that for sure yet).

> Dear all,
> Fred Davis is the father of TAM, the technology acceptance model
> (1993), a mathematical model of how "usable" a software is. It is
> somewhat highly theoretical, and it is based off the attitude
> paradign in psychology (Fishbein & Ajzen 1975), but it's a standard
> as far as I can tell. Out of a user questionaire, it allows
> a usability scalar to be calculated.
> Given the recent rise of complex SCM/VC/RC systems and their
> respective shortcomings, it would be incredibly useful to
> qualitatifely compare them according to the TAM.
> I am interested in finding out whether you know of any work in this
> direction. If so, please share a pointer!

I don't know of any specific work, but it sure seems like something to be
put up in the wiki at:

> Thanks for listening.


> References:
> (wow, all academic and such...)
> Davis, F. (1993). User acceptance of information technology: system
> characteristics, user perceptions and behavioral impacts. In Intl.
> Journal of Man-Machine Studies, 38. pp. 475-87. Available on request
> from me.
> Fishbein, M., Ajzen, I. (1975). Belief, Attitude, Intention, and
> Behavior: An Introduction to Theory and Research. Reading, MA:
> Addison-Wesley.
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