rfc: remove "revision specs"

Jan Hudec bulb at ucw.cz
Tue Aug 30 12:31:02 BST 2005

On Tue, Aug 30, 2005 at 09:34:03 +0200, Matthieu Moy wrote:
> Martin Pool <martinpool at gmail.com> writes:
> I'd like revision identifiers to be regexp-matchable in bzr too,
> although I'm not sure how it's possible to do it.

Yes, it would certainlybe useful in some cases.

> bzr:///home/foo/bar/,rev=1040  could be nice, but OTOH,
> bzr://http://www.site.com/my/bzr/branch/,rev=1040  looks really ughly.

I'd probably write this as bzr:http://www.site.com/my/bzr/branch,rev=1040 or
bzr:http://www.site.com/my/bzr/branch,rev=1040 (because after // a hostname
should follow) and I don't consider it ugly. Well, I liked semicolon a bit
better, though for shell, comma is better.

> In brief, revision specifiers within a path are a necessary condition
> to have easily recognizable bzr revision specifiers, but it's not
> sufficient. Or perhaps forget about this all if this is too complex
> for too little benefit ...

They are also extremely useful for various tools, that would otherwise
need to construct some kind of URL on their own anyway. Things like vcp,
tailor, pqm come to mind. Basically anything that wants to operate with more
than one version control backend.

						 Jan 'Bulb' Hudec <bulb at ucw.cz>
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