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Robey Pointer robey at
Wed Aug 24 06:44:10 BST 2005

On 23 Aug 2005, at 17:00, Johan Rydberg wrote:

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> Robey Pointer <robey at> writes:
>> It looks like "bzr add <folder>" adds not just the folder, but
>> everything in it.  But sometimes I only want to add *some* things in
>> the folder (for example, not .pyc files).  bzr is giving an error on
>> attempts to do these partial adds:
> I suggest you look at "bzr add --help" and specially for the
> - --no-recurse option.

Well, that's surprising enough. :)

The default behavior for commands (ie, the behavior with no options)  
should be the simplest or least surprising.

The attached patch fixes "add" to default to non-recursive, using -R  
or --recurse to get recursive behavior, and fixes the tests to  
follow.  It also gets rid of a double negative. :)

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