The importance of patch pools

Kevin Smith yarcs at
Tue Aug 23 00:53:55 BST 2005

Matthieu Moy wrote:
> Kevin Smith <yarcs at> writes:
>>I read that whole thread, but it wasn't clear to me that centralized
>>storage would still be possible with weaves. If it is, that's great
> Re-read

I'm only responding in the hopes of salvaging my reputation as one who 
does RTFM (or RTF Thread) before posting a question. Hopefully the 
thread will die here.

Even after re-reading that message (and the wiki page it links to), it 
really doesn't say whether centralized storage would be possible with 
weaves. Really.

Fortunately, I got a direct answer ("yes") in Aaron's reply, so whether 
or not the above thread potentially answered my question is moot.



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