A few questions/potential issues in Bazaar-NG

Matthieu MOY Matthieu.Moy at imag.fr
Mon Aug 22 14:00:18 BST 2005

Aaron Bentley said:

>> 99.9% agree. The 0.1% is for remote branches as described above ;-).
> I don't understand.  Centralized storage means that you only pay for the
> first branch.  For every subsequent microbranch, you only pay for the
> actual changes.

Does this mean that if I branch from upstream an revision N, and then,
later, branch from upstream at revision N+M, the second branch will be
able to share the storage with the first one? (If so, that's great and I
remove my 0.1%!).

In Bazaar, currently, I can maintain my own branch in sync with upstream,
and microbranch from it cheaply, but I can't do that if I branch directly
from upstream each time.

> Are you saying you microbranch many different projects?  Or that even
> the first branch is an unacceptable cost?


> And are you considering the
> fact that for many projects, a complete history in weave format will be
> smaller than a revlib entry?

There are at least two differences betweed the weaves and the revlib: The
revlib is local (=> fast access) and recontructible (=> no backup). For
example, I have a 100Mb quota on my reliable-backed-up-and-archived
webspace, but 20Gb on my local-and-not-backed-up disk. The proportions are
 different from person to person, but for most people, local disk is
almost free and unlimited (less than 1 dollar per Gb).


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