Small fix for msvcrt locking code

Matt Lavin matt.lavin at
Fri Aug 19 04:39:26 BST 2005

This should fix many warnings being reported to the console when using 
msvrt locking.  This is my very first time looking at or modifying the 
source of bzr, so I could be way off base.  I couldn't figure out how to 
create a nice patch file that I think I've seen on this list but here is 
the diff

--- bzrlib\
+++ bzrlib\
@@ -168,6 +168,8 @@
                 LOCK_NB = 4
                 def unlock(self):
+                    self.f.close()
+                    self.f = None

             class _msvc_ReadLock(_msvc_FileLock):

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