Why -p0 format patches?

John A Meinel john at arbash-meinel.com
Mon Jul 11 15:07:33 BST 2005

Michael Ellerman wrote:
> Hi,
> Just a query, what was the reasoning behind "bzr diff" producing -p0 patches
> rather than -p1 patches? Because CVS/svn/.. do it?
> It's a bit of a pain for me, being used to -p1 format. And I notice now that
> changesets look like:
> --- BASEbzrlib/commands.py
> +++ TARGETbzrlib/commands.py

This is just a mistake/bug on my part. I was playing around with adding
labels and I forgot the separator.

> Which is kind of a hack, and would look nicer as:
> --- BASE/bzrlib/commands.py
> +++ TARGET/bzrlib/commands.py

Completely agreed, for now, I just removed it. I might bring it back.
> Just a thought. I guess it's too late now anyway.
> cheers

I can't really say why -p0 instead of -p1. It would be pretty easy to
put "orig/" and "mod/" into the tree.
In fact, I believe the apply changeset code doesn't pay attention to
them anyway, since it only cares about the *** meta information line.

It is easy for me to add this into the current changeset code, is there
a general consensus as to which would be better?

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