John A Meinel john at arbash-meinel.com
Sun Jul 10 17:56:31 BST 2005

I just updated the bzr changeset plugin so the interface has changed.

So now you can do:

	bzr cset ../bzr.dev/@

Which should generate a changeset for the local tree, against the bzr
mainline, picking the last mainline revision as BASE (so you know it
will exist), and picking the local last revision as TARGET, and
including all revisions from the merge point between BASE & TARGET.

You can manually supply the TARGET with

	bzr cset ../bzr.dev/@ ./@700

You can use your own tree as BASE, with something like

	bzr cset ./@650 ./@700

I have applied Robey's patch to make apply_changeset work better. But I
haven't really tested apply-changeset very much.

There are a few problems, though. Because the format of the revision XML
has changed, the hashes won't fit all the time. Specifically, old
versions have a "precursor" entry, and for some time we had both
"precursor" and "parents", and now we only have "parents". Also, the
current code when merging includes a parent rev_id without a sha hash.

Anyway, because of all this, the revision XML that you get when
reading/applying a changeset will always be in the most current format,
while the original might have been in a different format.

I'm not really sure how to resolve this.
My idea was that "bzr upgrade" can make sure your local tree is in the
latest format. Then "bzr cset" can create a changeset which matches the
bzr version of the current tree. Then bzr apply-changeset can make sure
to generate the XML entries in the appropriate format, it could use one
format for validating the changeset, and then maybe automatically
upgrade the changeset.

But really, we should try and stabilize the format of revision XML, and
certainly stabilize how we generate hashes.

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