trouble with apply-changeset

John A Meinel john at
Sun Jul 10 16:02:15 BST 2005

Robey Pointer wrote:
> Also, "patch" must be called with "-l" (not included in the patch
> below) to avoid getting confused about trailing whitespace, which  many
> mail readers (including mine, apparently) will strip out.

This may be a bigger issue, and why the Inventory sha is failing.
Because if your mailing is stripping off whitespace in attachments, then
it is changing the text.
For instance, it is certainly possible for me to commit a file with
something like:

\tx = y
\tx += 1

(naturally \t stands for the tab character.)

If your mailer strips off that intermediate "\t" then it changes the
file. So that when I apply the cset, it will not generate exactly the
same text. And that is forbidden.

> robey

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