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tnorth at bluewin.ch tnorth at bluewin.ch
Sat Jul 9 21:52:54 BST 2005


>I haven't been following all the threads closely, so I've probably  
>missed something -- but I just tried to do a "diff" between two  
>revisions in bzr.dev at 854, and I can't figure out how to do it. 

Actually you cannot do this. Only diffs between one revision and the current
file is possible.
>Neither two -r options, nor "-r 4:5", nor "-r 4-5" works.  I thought  
>that got implemented a few weeks ago but now I'm not so sure.  Am I  
>brain damaged? :)  How do I do this?

When this is going to be implemented, the syntax will be -r 4:5
Thanks to other developers here who told me that recently :)

Thibault North

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