[PATCH] log allows searching for message

John A Meinel john at arbash-meinel.com
Sat Jul 9 19:07:04 BST 2005

Well, I did a simple patch (attached) which allows the 'bzr log' command
to take the '--message' flag, which is interpreted as a regular
expression search. (Fortunately most of the time a plain text search is
the same as an re). And I prefer re to wildcard.

This lets you do stuff like

bzr log -m "plugins"

To get the printout of all logs which have a log message including the
word "plugins". But you can also get tricky and do something like:

bzr log -r 800: -m "merge.*john"

To look for all recent times that you have merged from me.

Anyway, it is a simple patch. I don't know if I am overloading --message
in a bad way, but it seems like you are looking through the messages,
and it is a flag that lets you use a string.

If you don't like it, you could add a new flag, something like "--search".


PS> Since log only looks through "revision-history" I'm also working on
a plugin available here:

Which when completed will allow you to search back through branching
ancestry. Unfortunately I did the non-branching portion first, only to
realize I was just re-implementing the "bzr log" command. :(
Anyway, that's all I've done so far, I'll try and get real ancestry soon.

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