[PATCH] Merge fixes

Aaron Bentley aaron.bentley at utoronto.ca
Fri Jul 8 02:20:12 BST 2005

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Martin Pool wrote:
> I suggest keeping WorkingTree merge in the underlying merge code so it
> can be used for revert, but hiding it from the user-visible 'merge'
> command, at least by default.

Oh, sure.  I wouldn't yank it from the underlying code.

>>>I think inverting the usual sense of them would be confusing.
>>Oh, I meant redefining the usual sense.  That would only be confusing as
>>a one-time thing for the current user base, not as an ongoing problem.
> It's nice to have ./foo refer to the file that actually exists as foo,
> and have the special syntax refer to things that don't exist in the
> filesystem.

Hmm.  I think we've got a disconnect going here.  I was talking about
the way branch locations are handled when we're using the blah/@123
syntax.  I was under the impression that this syntax was going to be
replaced with --revision syntax or something, anyhow.

So right now only one command uses that syntax, and I didn't expect any
other commands to adopt it.  So where does 'the file that actually
exists as foo' come into it, when this syntax will only ever refer to
branch directories?

Or do you mean that you want http://www.bazaar-ng.org/foo to refer to
the last-committed revision, while ./foo refers to the working directory?

BTW, my last patch is borked wrt merge_revert, so don't apply it.  I'll
post an update when I understand what we're trying to do.

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