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Thibault North tnorth at
Wed Jul 6 12:42:52 BST 2005

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Hi all,

Tomorrow is the last exam days for me, and I really want to understand
fully bzr as soon as possible. For that, I would need some informations,
and afer having collected them I would like to begin a complete tutorial
for new users (like me), to complete this one ( )
- - Many plugins have been sent to this list some day ago : by definition,
plugins do remain not-included to bzr, but sort for optionnal addons ?
Or is it just a way to test small pieces of work to be included when
they are ready ?
I am using the rsynch server to get bzr, and commands like r-push,
r-pull, changeset, tag etc do not exist.
Do I have to get them from your own repositories ?

- - I am not really familiar with bzr options, and cannot find them in the
current doc : is it easier to have a look in the code and find them, or
is there a reference manuel I didn't see, explaining how to use option,
such as -r <patch1> -r <patch2> or bzr log -r 10:20 ?

Ok let's stop here for now ... may I come to your IRC chanel to ask
these questions, and stop polluting this list :)
(what's the server/channel) ?

Best regards,
Thibault N.
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