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John A Meinel john at
Wed Jul 6 02:01:33 BST 2005

Chris McCormick wrote:

>Hey John,
>Yes, good point. I'll have to do some work on it next time I get a spare
>half an hour. Will report back to this thread.
>Best regards,

If you work on it at all, might I recommend that you actually hide older
versions past say 100 revisions. Rather than just compacting them?
I'm not sure what your design is, but right now with 691 revisions, the
web-page becomes 700k in size. Which seems rather large.

Probably all the space is actually taken by "Select revision number 1 to
see more detail and possibly diff it against other revisions"

It's pretty verbose, maybe just "select for more detail".

Or whatever you want, I'm just thinking that it is possible for a tree
to grow into the thousands (I think bzr is designed to scale up into
100k revs, but 10k revs should be pretty easy to reach considering bzr
proper, with only one main developer, albeit a very active one, is
already at almost 1k).

Anyway, if you just had a 100-rev cutoff, then the page should load
quite a bit faster.
And if possible, adding just the first line of the commit message would
be nice, rather than just seeing endless 'revision 40' with no
information about it.

I'm guessing that by restricting yourself to 100 revs, you won't suffer
too much from slowdown (you probably could make it 50 if you wanted).

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