[PATCH] cleanup branch.find_branch_root() (was Re: About merging)

David Vanderson dave.vanderson at cox.net
Sun Jun 26 21:02:17 BST 2005


Been lurking on the list for quite some time.  Here's my first go at a 
simple patch based on what Aaron said:

Aaron Bentley wrote:

> One easy-but-boring thing would be factoring out the options for the
> Branch constructor.
> Branch.__init__ currently takes the options "init" and "find_root".
> Their functionality should be separated out into factory functions, so
> that we get init_branch() and find_root_branch().
> Aaron


The attached patch (off of revision 763) removes the "find_root" option 
by making it always happen unless "init" is True.  Turns out there was 
no code that wanted find_root to be False.

Please tell me if you see any problems, especially as this is my first 

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