[PLUGIN] rpush/rpull now integrate with pull

John A Meinel john at arbash-meinel.com
Sun Jun 26 03:06:24 BST 2005

I just updated my 'bzr rsync-pull' and 'bzr rsync-push' plugin.
It is available as a bzr repository at:

I added aliases for rpush/rpull so you have to type a little bit less.

I have added the very handy feature that if you have one of .bzr/parent,
.bzr/pull or .bzr/x-pull, it will try to connect to the remote
repository as a RemoteBranch first, and actually determine if there are
any changes between the local tree and the remote tree.

It still uses rsync to actually transfer the data, but because rsync may
be over ssh/rsync and pull only works over http, you do potentially have
to register 2 names (for instance you would need to do this for the bzr

Also, I check now to make sure that the local working directory is clean
before letting you do anything. (thanks Aaron for your bzr-push/bzr-pull

This makes my rpush/rpull much safer, since if you have alternative
access, you can make sure that you do not accidentally overwrite changes.

I changed the file from '.bzr/x-rsync-location' and
'.bzr/x-rsync-revision' to '.bzr/x-rsync-data'. I didn't want to use
'.bzr/x-pull-data' which Abentley uses, because I wanted to have both
the revision number and the revision id in the case that the remote
branch is not accessible, being able to track that the local tree has in
fact increased it's revision number is a fallback safety measure.


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