Use of database for SCM

Matthieu Moy Matthieu.Moy at
Fri Jun 24 15:13:56 BST 2005

tnorth at writes:

> I was just wondering why nobody (as far as I know) uses a database like SQLite
> to stock patches and/or patches informations.

You mean "nobody except subversion" ;-)

The advantage is that it can be efficient (GNU arch, on the other
hand, sometimes abuses the filesystem as a database in a very
inefficient way - Look at the disk used by your patch-log and the
actual size of it on an ext3 filesystem), but the main reason why many
people dislike it is I think that it makes it hard to identify a
problem in case of failure. Even Subversion has developed a filesystem
backend to avoid forcing people to use a DB backend.


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