[PLUGIN] rsync-push rsync-pull

Aaron Bentley aaron.bentley at utoronto.ca
Wed Jun 22 13:56:31 BST 2005

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John Arbash Meinel wrote:
> Anyway, these provide the following commands:
> bzr rsync-pull
> bzr rsync-push
> They will create the files .bzr/x-rsync-location and .bzr/x-rsync-revision
> Which keep track of the last push/pull location and last push/pull revision.
> I would love to integrate this better with "bzr pull" that Aaron Bentley
> wrote, but the protocols are different. You cannot access branch
> information over rsync, but rsync is much faster to download than the
> current RemoteBranch code.

These sound an awful lot like the bzr-push and bzr-pull scripts in the
bzrtools.  bzr-push can also be used as a plugin, though I didn't do
that for bzr-pull, because I considered it obsolete.

If your rsync-push script only uploads source files and control files,
it's an improvement on mine.

In any case, the x-pull-data and x-push-data files are already intended
for use with rsync.

> Long term, bzr pull is the better way to go, but for the moment, this is
> faster, remembers permissions, and allows "bzr push". It just is more
> dangerous, as you can lose changes if you are not careful.

What would not allow "bzr push"?

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