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John Arbash Meinel john at
Sun Jun 12 01:54:04 BST 2005

Thibault North wrote:

> Hello,
> I would like to know if bzr will one day let us precise tags in
> addition of revision numbers. For exemple, Darcs has a tag command,
> which let us mark a version tag (ex. 0.0.1) at a certain level of
> maturity of the project.
> I think this could be useful : working for a project often mean
> releasing a new version of a project as soon as some bugs are
> corrected and features added. So when you tag a set of patches with a
> version number, you just know that right here you have a relatively
> stable build.
> I just had a look at bzr doc, but didn't find something like that.
> Or do you consider that a commit with an explicit version number is
> enought ?
> Regards,
> TNorth

This has been discussed a bit on the mailing list. You can search
through the archives.

I personally think this is useful, and I would implement it as a
file-per tagname, such that it can be updated over time.

It also would be possible to maintain this as a single XML file, where
each tag is maintained somewhere on the tree. But I prefer files that
are either write-once or append only. That way history is never
modified, so you can't have an accident and destroy history. (It also
helps with signatures, etc.)


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