twisted much?

Fredrik Lundh fredrik at
Wed Jun 8 13:17:33 BST 2005

Martin Pool wrote:

> (Maybe some of the Canonical people have an opinion on this.)
> To get really good HTTP download performance it seems that we need to
> do parallel/overlapped downloads.
> One way to do that would be to use Twisted Python's http client
> library.  Some people like it very much and some strongly dislike it.
> It would introduce a sizeable dependency.
> Another way is to do hand-carved select() or thread based clients.
> While I would normally hesitate to introduce threads into a program
> that doesn't strongly need them I think it might be OK here, if
> they're contained behind an API firewall.

if anyone's interested, I have an enhanced version of the HTTP client and
download manager used in this article:

you can find an early release here:


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