Windows support

Mark mwatts42 at
Sat Jun 4 17:56:27 BST 2005

I am looking at Bazaar-NG and I like what I see however, I need to use
a revision control system that supports Windows.

I see a number of comments on the list that indicate there is at least
some support for Windows and that said support appears to be growing,
however, the last tarball does not work.  I get the following

Traceback (most recent call last):
  File "bzr", line 20, in ?
    import sys, bzrlib, bzrlib.commands
  File "P:\bzr-0.0.4\bzrlib\", line 19, in ?
    from inventory import Inventory, InventoryEntry
  File "P:\bzr-0.0.4\bzrlib\", line 38, in ?
    from bzrlib.osutils import uuid, quotefn, splitpath, joinpath, appendpath
  File "P:\bzr-0.0.4\bzrlib\", line 298, in ?
    _rand_file = file('/dev/urandom', 'rb')
IOError: [Errno 2] No such file or directory: '/dev/urandom'

Am I doing something wrong?  Is a new tarball going to be available
that works on Windows?  I realize that this might have already been
fixed in the repository, however, I can't seem to get that code
without having a working copy of bzr. :(



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