[PATCH] Branch and pull-- now with remote

Aaron Bentley aaron.bentley at utoronto.ca
Sun May 29 16:56:13 BST 2005

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Erik Bågfors wrote:
> Wow... this is soo cool.  I just tried it and it works great!

I should hasten to point out that 99.9% of the remote stuff is Martin's
work.  I added a single line in there.

> now, if we only merge was able to use the same source as pull by default
> : [bagfors at zyrgelkwyt]$ ; bzr pull
> bzr: error: These branches have diverged.  Try merge.
> : [bagfors at zyrgelkwyt]$ ; bzr merge

Well, I can do that, but merge doesn't support remote branches yet.  And
you might want to have more than one merge source, whereas I think it
makes sense to have just one pull source.

> And... then of course, merging/cherrypicking and still keeping the
> changesets/comitter/messages etc :)

Err, what changesets?  I come from the Arch land, and in Arch, you
*refer* to the revisions you merged, but you don't *represent* those
revisions in any way.

So I've never been really clear on this concept that a merge changeset
should bundle up other changesets inside it.  Since merges may require
manual adjustment, the bundled changesets aren't what's been merged, anyhow.

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