bzr add and recurse

Michael Ellerman michael at
Sun May 29 15:44:12 BST 2005

On Sun, 29 May 2005 21:42, William Dodé wrote:
> Now ``bzr add`` has recurse=True by default, i would prefer False by
> default, but anyway, it's not possible to choose even if the function has
> already this possibility.

I don't see the point of non-recursive mode.

If you think about it, you don't care about versioning directories, you care 
about the files in them. You would never add a directory and then not add a 
file in it later (usually straight away).

Other SCMs make you do this stupid dance:

# scm add subdir/bar/foo.file
ERROR: subdir/bar is not versioned!
# scm add subdir/bar
ERROR: subdir is not versioned
# scm add subdir
A	subdir
# scm add subdir/bar
A	subdir/bar
# scm add subdir/bar/foo.file
A	subdir/bar/foo.file

bzr's smart enough (well it will be [1]) to work out that if you're asking to 
add a file then you implicitly want its parents to be versioned too.

So you just get:

# bzr add subdir/bar/foo.file -v
A	subdir
A	subdir/bar
A	subdir/bar/foo.file

And so you never need to call 'bzr add directory' directly. Which means if you 
*do* run 'bzr add directory' the only useful thing for it to mean is 'add 
that directory and all the files under it'.

> What should be the option to don't recurse ? The patch will be
> trivial to do...

Well if you really want to, I guess I'd call it --stupid-behaviour. No just 
kidding! How about --no-recurse?

[1] Seems this hasn't quite got implemented yet, the attached patch fixes 


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