[PATCH] -r 1-100 not -r1:100 please...

Michael Ellerman michael at ellerman.id.au
Fri May 27 07:38:29 BST 2005

On Fri, 27 May 2005 15:04, John Arbash Meinel wrote:
> Rusty Russell wrote:
> >OK, you knew this was coming 8)
> Check out my latest patch for revision handling. There is a very
> specific reason to use ':' instead of '-'. Negative numbers.
> ...
> It isn't the end-all be-all, but I do think negative revisions numbers
> are a nice thing.

Yeah I think negative revision numbers are kind of "neat", but I don't think 
you want to design your UI around them.

By using - for ranges you free up : for seperating the name space prefix so as 
I see it, it's either:

bzr diff -r 10:20
bzr diff -r {date:yesterday}


bzr diff -r 10-20
bzr diff -r date:yesterday

I think the second option is better because a) 10-20 is a much more common 
syntax for specifying a range (eg. print something), and getting rid of the 
{} is nice.


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