branch now ?

William Dodé wilk-ml at
Mon May 23 12:47:25 BST 2005

I've some project of libraries that i need to maintain
in differents versions. Each versions come from the
same trunk but live alone (only bug patch for the old

r3-v0.1-patch from r5...

Is it safe to do *now* a copy by hand from r3 (with
.bzr and my tree) to create my 0.1 branch ?
After i can cherry-pick the bug-patchs from trunk by
hand without problem.

My question is to know if i should wait for `bzr
branch` to do this or if it'll be anyway the same as a
copy ? I will not have a problem of id-of-branch ?

We're impatient isn't it ? ;-)

William Dodé -

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