[BUG] readonly operations interfere with each other

John A Meinel john at arbash-meinel.com
Thu May 19 20:09:04 BST 2005

Aaron Bentley wrote:
> If you invoke "bzr log|less" and then "bzr diff -r 535|less", the diff
> output will be blank until you reach the bottom in the log listing.  I
> assume both operations lock the branch.  It would be handy if you could
> execute two readonly operations at the branch.  The standard semantics:
> 1. the read lock can only be acquired when the write lock is not active.
> ~ The read lock can be acquired by several processes simultaneously, and
> is reference-counted.
> 2. the write lock can only be acquired when the read lock is not active.
> ~ The write lock can only be acquired by one process at a time.
> Aaron

Can this be solved with .bzr/lock files? Does locking need to be atomic?
Such that you should really use a double directory structure, such as
what Tom suggests here:

I'm not really sure how you do multiple reader read locks with that.
Because you really want to have multiple processes holding the read
lock, and it won't go away until *all* of them release it.

If you are dealing with a local filesystem, it seems like you could just
do a normal file, and use the OS's read/write locks.

Since bzr probably won't have a dumbfs storage mechanism for a while, it
seems perfectly reasonable that a server can do the same thing on the
remote side.

This seems reasonable and simple to do. As long as there is an easy way
to know whether a read or a write lock is necessary. Perhaps just have a
singleton Lock() object, which as soon as bzr starts, it acquires the
read lock, and then you can upgrade it to a write lock when necessary.

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