thoughts on a bzrrc file

Martin Pool mbp at
Thu May 19 08:12:46 BST 2005


Continuing an earlier discussion: it seems to make sense to have a
~/.bzrrc file holding per-user configuraton.  We should possibly move
the email setting from its own file into the rc file.  The particular
one I would like to add now is a command to produce diffs using an
external diff program rather than difflib.

Arch has a directory containing a bunch of single-value files, which
is kind of nice in a unixy way, but has its limitations.

On Windows it might make sense to use the registry as well/instead.

One option is to just make it a Python file, but that may cause
confusion to people unaccustomed to Python who make syntax errors.

Another, and probably the best, is to use ConfigParser_ to read a
.ini-style format, as used by Windows and Samba.  This style of file
is also used by svn and more recently by baz.



# my bzr config file

diff_program = diff -uw %s %s
email = Martin Pool <mbp at>
editor = emacsclient %s



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