french translation of tutorial

Nick Moffitt nick at
Thu May 12 14:40:16 BST 2005

begin  Wilk  quotation:
> I translated the arch tutorial ( and
> plan to translate the bzr tutorial, i think it'll be very
> interesting to have the two on the same site. 
> It's not that i'm particulary good in english and french but i did
> it with arch to learn (arch and english) and it was a very good
> experience, so i'll do it and hope to have again so much help.
> So, is there anybody who began something or whant to do it with me ?

	I'm moderately functional in French (I studied it from age 5
to age 18, but never had to use it much).  I can read technical
documents with more success than I can literature, so I may be able to
help edit.

> Arf, where can i get the rest source of the tutorial !?

There is a doc/ subdirectory of the arch repository for bazaar-ng.  

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