Revfile vs Atomicity & Dumbfs

John A Meinel john at
Tue May 10 00:05:08 BST 2005

Matt Mackall wrote:
> On Mon, May 09, 2005 at 05:01:53PM -0500, John A Meinel wrote:
>>I've been reading through the bzr docs, (I've gotten through the mailing
>>lists, and I'm working on the inside documentation).
>>Generally, I like what I'm seeing, but I'm concerned about 2 things,
>>both stemming from the same source.
>>Right now, I think you are just keeping a complete copy of each revision
>>of a file, which you obviously don't want to do over time. The current
>>suggestion is to use the "revfile" method, which has an append-only
>>index and an append-only text store.
>>The thing is, append-only isn't very transaction safe, it's certainly
>>better than write anywhere, but new-file only works better with backups,
>>and atomicity. And unless I'm mistaken, it is easier to add a new file
>>to a remote connection, than it is to append to an existing one (at
>>least with sftp/ftp, webdav may be different).
> Mercurial, which is where the revfile idea comes from, has a very
> simple transaction and rollback scheme. Not sure how it interacts with
> network protocols though. Mercurial treats network sources as
> read-only.

Well, I got this from here:

> Rollback:
> Rollback is not yet implemented, but will be easy to add. When
> performing a commit or a merge, we order things so that the changeset
> entry gets added last. We keep a transaction log of the name of each
> file and its length prior to the transaction. On abort, we simply
> truncate each file to its prior length. This is one of the nice
> properties of the append-only structure of the revlogs.

Which basically means they use WAL.
I don't know that all filesystems support truncate. But it's probably a
decent enough rollback mechanism.
I'm still not sure how dumbfs support would work, it seems like you
would have to transfer the entire revfile, rather than being able to append.


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