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Robey Pointer robey at
Thu May 5 06:39:43 BST 2005

Aaron Bentley wrote:

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>Robey Pointer wrote:
>>I think tla's setup is awkward (lots of sifting thru documentation and
>>making notes of strange commands) and I was really interested in the
>>"bazaar" project, but even though I've downloaded their snapshots about
>>once a month, they never got to the point where it would build under
>>osx, so I haven't been able to try it out.
>Multiplatform support is a goal of Bazaar.  They even want to get it
>working on win32, which is much farther from baz's roots than OS X.  So
>if Baz isn't working on OS X, please make some noise on this lists or
>IRC or the bug tracker.

I don't mean to slag their work; I'm sure they meant well.  But the 3rd 
time I ran into the weird problems with building "hackerlab" (which, for 
example, seems to think it's important to build a conflicting version of 
posix regex, using the same names...) I kinda had a "moment of clarity" 
where I realized that C is just not the right language for things like 
this anymore.  bzr is definitely the way to go and I'd rather spend time 
on this than the baz project, which was interesting but now (to me) moot.

Anyway, enough rambling.  I haven't figured out how I can help so I'm 
just watching and tinkering for now. :)


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