Simple Path: Include "Rename" in Help Command

Michael Cook foobarsoft at
Mon Apr 25 02:41:15 BST 2005

OK, I just started using Bazaar-NG yesterday and it seems quite nice. 
However I ran into a small problem today: I needed to rename some 
files. So after a half an hour of searching, I finally found that the 
capability was there (which I expected) but it wasn't listed in the 
help command! So here is a simple patch to fix that.

--Michael Cook

--- bzr/bzrlib/      Wed Apr 20 20:30:05 2005
+++ bzr-dev/bzrlib/  Sun Apr 24 20:36:57 2005
@@ -52,6 +52,8 @@
        Show summary of pending changes.
    bzr remove FILE...
        Make a file not versioned.
+  bzr rename FROM_NAME TO_NAME
+      Rename a file from FROM_NAME to TO_NAME
    bzr info
        Show statistics about this branch.
    bzr check

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