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David Allouche david at
Thu Apr 21 09:12:53 BST 2005

On Thu, 2005-04-21 at 12:22 +1000, QuantumG wrote: 
> Martin Pool wrote:
> >It has been proposed that we should keep all of the bazaar-ng code
> >copyright by a single entity, as is done by Python, Zope and Apache.
> >That entity will be Canonical Ltd, which has committed to make the
> >project always remain free.
> If that's the goal then why not assign the copyright to the FSF?

The FSF takes copyright assignments for GNU projects.

I can imagine that assigning copyright to a for-profit entity might be a
problem for some contributors. I know that Canonical has not interest in
making Bazaar-NG proprietary, but I believe there is a potential
community perception issue here that might be worth avoiding.

Both the Python Software Foundation and the Apache Foundation are
non-profits. In the case of Zope, the copyright assignment guarantees
that community contributions will always be available at least under a
dual license:

        We need to recognize that she might have contributed the code
        only because it was an open source project, and that she
        wouldn't have wanted us to keep an interesting idea closed to
        the public. Therefore, we would further stipulate that if we
        were to use the code in any way, it would be made available at a
        minimum under a dual-license, with one of them being the ZPL,
        meaning freely and widely available.

Maybe I'm worrying without a reason, but it would be a pity to slow down
the (amazing) growth of the baz-ng community with perceived licensing

                                                            -- ddaa
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