bazaar-ng copyright policy

Jérôme Marant jmarant at
Thu Apr 21 07:48:37 BST 2005

Quoting Martin Pool <mbp at>:

> Hi,
> It has been proposed that we should keep all of the bazaar-ng code
> copyright by a single entity, as is done by Python, Zope and Apache.
> That entity will be Canonical Ltd, which has committed to make the
> project always remain free.  This allows actions down the track such as
> adding licence exceptions to link to other code or legal defense without
> having to chase down all the original authors.  To effect this we will
> need to ask for a copyright assignment note in gpg-signed email with
> nontrivial patches (say >15 lines).  Does this sound reasonable?


Are you sure it won't prevent people to contribute?
Considering that many people are reluctant to assigning paper to the
FSF, do you think they'll be less reluctant to assigning paper to
a private company, whatever are its intents?

As a developer, I'd rather assign my copyright to the FSF than to a
private company (no offence to Canonical I do thank for funding this



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