Suggestion: adding submitter details to log

Martin Pool mbp at
Thu Apr 21 03:02:58 BST 2005

On Thu, 2005-04-21 at 01:10 +0300, Harri Salokorpi wrote:
> Hello,
> It might be useful to separate committer and patch author (or submitter) in 
> log. This way patch integrators could keep track of the submitted patches and 
> contact correct people when things break/change.
> For merges, the submitter could be pulled from merged-from repository. For 
> emailed patches either sender address or email-address in patch headers could 
> be used.
> Adding the field to revision file looks quite simple, and pulling the 
> submitter details from email/merge is certainly doable.

Once we have a representation of changesets incorporating other
changesets, this can be accommodated just by showing that the mainline
maintainer incorporated a patch written by someone else.

In addition I plan to let you have extra headers in commit messages,
something like in arch, and then these could be extracted by query
tools.  So you can imagine a commit with 

Committer: mbp at
Reviewed-by: john at

commit message here

and then tools could later extract that.


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