Paul Jakma paul at clubi.ie
Wed Apr 13 12:53:02 BST 2005


I'm having problems with the ignore command and the ignore 

1. the docs refer to an ignore command but it doesnt work

$ bzr ignore
bzr: error: unknown command 'ignore'
(see $HOME/.bzr.log for debug information)

2. The docs refer to a .bzr-ignore file, but it appears the name is 
actually .bzrignore :)

3. .bzrignore entries are recursive

This last one is a real killer. Say we have 'INSTALL' listed in the 
.bzrignore file in the top-level directory of a project, because the 
top-level INSTALL file will be provided by autoconf/automake, so the 
INSTALL file in the top-level directory is (rightfully) ignored, 
however, it also ignores subdir/INSTALL unfortunately..

How do i undo this?

Further, this recursive it makes it *really* difficult to migrate 
from CVS. It'd be much nicer to have .bzrignore files apply on a 
per-directory basis: Better granularity, consequences are far easier 
to understand as the scope is the more limited, the regexes/patterns 
dont have to be as complex, etc.. Any additional tedium imposed by 
per-dir ignore files is easily overcome with 'cp 
../existing-dir/.ignore-file ./' when adding directories ;)

This little niggle is a bit of an obstacle to me trying out bzr 
further ;) - and i'd like to.

Having tinkered with GNU arch before: nice work on the UI, it's 
actually understandable. Bravo. One nit: could 'bzr help' offer a 
'global options' category, or a 'help-options' command? :) Also, 
per-command help dont list the options the command has, eg:

$ bzr help log
Show log of this branch.

:todo: Options for utc; to show ids; to limit range; etc.

However, I know from 'bzr log' on the bzr archive that a --verbose 
long-option was added :).

Anyway, looking very very promising. Nice work.

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